AutoStar Solutions Helps Used Car Dealers Build Websites They Can Be Proud Of


AutoStar Solutions Helps Used Car Dealers Build Websites They Can Be Proud Of

Fort Worth, TX – May 3, 2012 – This week Fort Worth based software provider, AutoStar Solutions, announced AutoStar iWeb a website creation tool designed to give independent auto dealers a professional web presence and complete control of their online inventory in the easiest way possible.

AutoStar’s latest product offering to independent auto dealerships gives dealers the ability to craft a powerful, effective, and visually appealing website simply by answering a set of questions and making selections. Once the selections have been made, the site is then created for the dealer in two business days, eliminating the complications that can arise during the creation process. This in turn allows dealers with little or no online experience to take advantage of crucial digital marketing opportunities.

Powered by AutoStar’s proprietary NetLink technology, AutoStar iWeb pushes inventory details from the user’s dealer management software directly to the website, instantly creating a virtual online showroom. With AutoStar iWeb, dealers can also initiate a third party push to popular online vehicle sites like AutoTrader and

“AutoStar iWeb bridges the gap between dealer management software and online inventory management in a simple, but effective way,” said AutoStar President and CEO, Allen Dobbins. “Above all else, our goal with AutoStar iWeb is to provide independent dealers with a strong web presence and a true return on investment.”

The advantages of a strong web presence are clear in today’s information age. More than ever, customers are conducting research online before making important purchase decisions. With this latest tool, AutoStar is giving independent dealerships a way to convert online prospects into qualified sales leads before they even set foot on the dealership lot.

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For over 20 years, AutoStar Solutions has provided dealer management software solutions to independent automotive dealers and finance companies located in the United States. Their web-based software solutions have enabled clients to automate and simplify activities while staying compliant with state and federal regulations. Learn more at

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