AutoStar Solutions Introduces Leasing!


Web-Based Software Tool Simplifies Leasing Process for the In-House Auto Financing Market

Fort Worth, TX – November 14, 2011 – The in-house auto financing industry traditionally finances the sale of used vehicles to customers who are unable to obtain traditional financing. However, dealers in this highly competitive industry have recently begun to weigh the benefits of leasing as an added revenue stream. While there are many advantages to the leasing model, it can be a difficult and complicated process to learn. However, Fort Worth based software provider, AutoStar Solutions, has recently launched a new product that aims to change that.

AutoStar’s new leasing module is an add-on to its widely used Fusion software suite, and gives independent auto dealers the ability to offer leasing options on their existing inventory in the same way they already set up sales. As with all of AutoStar Solutions’ software products, the new leasing module is fully integrated with respected industry partners as well as other software components created by the company, such as the popular online payment system PortalPayTM.

“As a result of the simplification of the leasing process, dealers do not have to dramatically change the way they do business when deciding to lease vehicles,” states Allen Dobbins, AutoStar’s President and CEO. “By far, the most significant advantage of leasing in the in-house finance industry is that the dealer retains ownership of the vehicle at the end of the lease. This way, the dealer also has the opportunity to retain the customer, and lease a different vehicle to them at the end of the term.”

In addition, there are also many tax benefits to the leasing business model. In many states, leasing allows auto dealers to spread their tax liability over several years and only pay taxes based on monies collected. Dealers also enjoy a reduction in federal regulatory requirements when leasing vehicles as opposed to selling them. Now that the proper tools are available, dealers are sure to begin implementing this new business model in the near future.

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For over 20 years, AutoStar Solutions has successfully provided innovative dealer management software solutions to automotive dealers located in the United States. Their web-based software solutions have enabled dealers to become efficient and successful in all aspects of their business.

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