Integration With MasterFiles Announced


New Technology Brings Detailed Consumer Data to Independent Auto Dealers:

Fort Worth, TX – March 8, 2012 – This week, Fort Worth based software company AutoStar Solutions formed a business and technology partnership with the Dallas headquartered data provider, MasterFiles, to provide detailed consumer information to independent auto dealerships and finance companies nationwide.

Through this new joint venture, consumer demographic, financial, real estate, debt, and associate details will be made available through AutoStar’s widely used dealership management software solution, AutoStar Fusion. This, in turn, will accelerate the information gathering process and provide an easily understandable front-end for users.

“Being innovative is at the root of everything we do at AutoStar. Being the first dealer management system that is fully integrated with an industry leading verification and skip-tracing tool is very exciting, and it will add tremendous benefit to our customers,” said AutoStar President and CEO, Allen Dobbins. “We are pleased to officially announce this exciting integration which will improve underwriting and vehicle recovery activities in this challenging industry.”

Independent dealerships often finance high-risk customers, and the possibility of nonpayment is significant. Therefore many dealerships rely heavily on consumer data, like the information provided by MasterFiles to assist in skip-tracing activities, whereby dealers locate and collect on bad debt. This information is also often used to make optimal underwriting decisions when financing customers.

While many dealerships use consumer data exclusively for underwriting and skip tracing operations, some resourceful dealers also use the information to locate like-minded customers of a similar background. These enterprising dealers are then able to promote their business to very specific demographic and/or geographic groups, thereby maximizing the use of marketing resources. Unlike other data providers that simply resell data, MasterFiles licenses and hosts its’ own data and therefore is the most current in the industry.

“Independent auto dealers are in the perfect position to gain the most out of the data we provide,” said Ike Morton, President of MasterFiles. “Our integration with AutoStar brings us one step closer to an industry that genuinely needs our services.”

Masterfiles has provided information solutions to Fortune 500 companies and small businesses located throughout the United States since 1989. Their data solutions have enabled clients to improve underwriting decisions, enhance skip tracing activities, and increase new business opportunities while enjoying a complete 360-degree view of the customer. Learn more at

For over 20 years, AutoStar Solutions has provided dealer management software solutions to independent automotive dealers and finance companies located in the United States. Their web-based software solutions have enabled clients to automate and simplify activities while staying compliant with state and federal regulations. Learn more at

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