Introducing the New Era of Next Practices

by Richard Hudson | Client Support Manager

As professionals, we all want to be the best at what we do. It’s the reason why you use AutoStar instead of one of the other software systems on the market. It’s the reason why you’re spending your idle time flipping through an industry magazine like A*QUA and reading about different ways to better yourself and your business. So why then do we spend so much time and energy looking at what’s worked for everyone else in the past instead of trying to decipher what will help us grow in the future? Think about it, how can you be truly great if you’re conducting the very same processes in the exact same way that everyone else does them? The fact of the matter is that as time moves on, things change, the marketplace shifts, technology advances, the industry adapts, and we all need to move forward accordingly.

That’s not to say that learning about the traditional best practices is a complete waste of time. I mean, there’s no doubt that effective training and education of any kind can be instrumental in your professional development. However, this will only get you so far. Naturally, best practices are a great place to start, but for whatever reason it’s also the point where most training efforts end as well. Holding onto long-established methods with no clear path forward isn’t going to bring you the level of success that you’re truly capable of. In order to turn the corner and become excellent at what we do, each of us needs to look beyond what everyone else is doing and find ways to creatively stand out and be innovative.

As we began planning this year’s upcoming Innovate conference, one of the things that we wanted to do was make sure to include “next practices” in addition to the customary best practices training that we’ve employed in the past. The result of these efforts is our new Future Proof track where we will be discussing the various ways that you can rise above mediocrity and keep your business prepared for the inevitable changes on the horizon. As such, we’ll be discussing our latest integrations with new technology partners as well as the recent upgrades to our leasing and custom reporting solutions. In addition, we’ll also be looking at new ways to use and implement some of our more popular software solutions, like PortalPay. Perhaps most importantly, we’ll be giving you a glimpse at the next evolution of our Fusion platform, F2, providing an unprecedented opportunity for you to interact face-to-face with our programming team.

This doesn’t mean that we are abandoning the proven time-tested user training from previous years. On the contrary, this year’s conference will include our most ambitious user sessions to date. Each year, as Innovate continues to grow and expand in scope, we fine-tune our classes based on the feedback received from the previous year. As a result, the sessions continue to improve as we add new elements and perspectives. Making a return this year are our popular All Users and Power Users tracks, covering everything from basic AutoStar functionality to elite-level training and everything in-between.

Regardless of your role in your business, all of our sessions at Innovate 13 are designed to create opportunities for you to grow as a professional. When you multiply this across a team, the training that you receive at Innovate will improve your business operations and elevate the entire company as a whole. When all is said and done, none of us can really predict exactly what the future holds. However, by empowering you with the right knowledge and tools, we can prepare for most eventualities. Innovate 2013 provides an excellent opportunity for you to do exactly that.

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