New Technology Transforms Payment Collections and Processing for Independent Auto Dealers

Fort Worth, TX – March 04, 2013 – Sigma Payments, an AutoStar Solutions vendor partner that provides payment processing services and intelligent payment technology to merchants nationwide, has announced the deployment of new automated kiosk technology designed to streamline the payment collection process for BHPH dealerships and finance companies. Sigma’s payment kiosks use bilingual voice prompted touch screen technology to accept customer payments via cash, check, money order, and/or debit/credit cards quickly and efficiently. Integration with AutoStar’s dealer management system, means that the customer’s account is updated in real time once payments have been made.

“In recent years, it’s become apparent that automated kiosk technology is the future of payment processing. From accessing banking information at ATMs to making cell phone payments and renting movies at various store locations, customers have already become accustomed to using automated kiosks in their everyday lives,” said Susan Perlmutter, Chief Revenue Officer for Sigma. “Implementing this technology in the auto finance industry is a logical way to streamline the payment process and encourage timely payments.”

Sigma’s automated payment kiosks benefit customers and cashiers alike, allowing independent auto dealerships to offer added convenience, quick access to bill payment services, and an enhanced customer service experience without the need to hire additional personnel. The new technology also gives finance companies an efficient and dependable way to collect payments on outstanding notes while minimizing the risk of cash drawer discrepancies.

“Our new payment kiosk technology will help clients reduce labor costs and offer real convenience to their customers,” said Susan Perlmutter. “Our kiosk will never call in sick. It will never get tired. It will never show up late. It won’t disrespect your customers. Basically, this new technology has the potential to be one of your best employees.”

Each kiosk comes equipped with a 23” touch LCD screen, a 2” thermal receipt printer, an internal PC with wireless connectivity and secure payment software. Additionally, the kiosks can be branded with the dealership’s logo and recorded video message. For more information, contact Susan Perlmutter at

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Sigma Payment Processing offers integrated full service automated payment processing solutions to businesses nationwide. Their services include processing support for all major credit and debit card transactions, as well as ACH processing, web payments, telephone checks, and more. Using the most secure and advanced technology available, Sigma endeavors to provide the lowest payment processing rates possible for each client. Learn more at

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