Credit Reporting

Hold Customers Accountable
More and more dealers have begun to report customer payment history information to credit bureaus, and it’s easy to see why. There’s no better way to reward customers that pay on time and hold delinquent customers accountable for missing their payments.

Compliant Reporting
With our Credit Reporting module, submitting your customer payment history to credit bureaus has never been easier. The system simplifies and automates the process, compiling and submitting your customer data in the industry standard and compliant Metro 2 format.

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Product Description

Report your customer credit history to the major bureaus with our Credit Reporting module. Help your customers establish and/or re-establish their credit history, while also holding them accountable for late and missed payments and improving your ability to collect charge off balances. The system automatically assigns industry standard codes to designate the account status and then sends the data to the credit bureaus in Metro 2 format.

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