It takes more than software technology to win in this business. That’s why we’ve assembled a knowledgeable and experienced team of industry professionals ready to help you make the most of your new software and arm you with the proficiency needed to reach even the most ambitious business objectives.

From the moment you decide to become an AutoStar client, our Professional Services team is there for you, working hand-in-hand alongside your team to make the transition as smooth as possible. From installation to data testing, conversion, and training, our team can provide everything you need to become proficient in your new technology with minimal disruption to your business activities.

As your preferred software provider, it’s our duty to make sure that you get the most out of the tools that we provide to you. We take this responsibility very seriously, which is why there’s no other dealership software provider in the industry that gives you more support options and opportunities to learn. Once the implementation process is complete and you’re up and running with your AutoStar system, the Professional Services team is available in-house, on-sight, or online, to help you squeeze every bit of functionality and value from your AutoStar technology.

In addition, our team is available to help improve your operations by identifying the exact issues that are causing you pain, and then provide you with clear ways to resolve those issues without disrupting the areas that are already working properly. Combine these services with our free training videos, informational blog, outstanding client support, and annual Innovate conference, and you have the most supported dealership software in the business.

We understand that there are many different ways to run and operate a successful dealership. That’s why we don’t believe in “a one-size fits all” mentality. Instead we take the necessary steps to make sure that your AutoStar system is customized to your exact specifications and works for your unique business model.

Once you become an AutoStar client, our Professional Services team will contact you to gather all of the relevant set-up information. We then apply and configure your AutoStar software based on this specific information so that you don’t have to. This crucial step saves you the headache of having to configure a system that you’re not already familiar with, and gets you that much closer to unleashing the power and efficiency of your new software.

Once the initial set-up is completed, we conduct basic training and implementation at your business to answer any questions your team may have, and help you get started. This allows us to make any last minute fine-tuning to your system, and give your team the confidence to succeed with their new technology.

AutoStar clients are never at a loss for training options. Whether it’s the AutoStar Fusion DMS, or one of the many individual modules that we provide; beginner, intermediate, or advanced user, our Professional Services team is here to give you the training you need in order to reach your full potential as a professional.

You decide when and where to train, as well as which products to train in. We can do this at your dealership, online, or you can come to our offices in Fort Worth, Texas and take advantage of our state-of-the art training facility. Even better, we have a complete and comprehensive calendar of training sessions that take place nearly every week at AutoStar headquarters, covering our entire product suite.

These in-house sessions are available to our clients at no additional charge. In addition to in-person training, our team has also put together an impressive selection of training videos designed to walk users through many of the common functions of the software, anywhere at any time.

Changing your dealer management software is never an easy process, but our Professional Services team works diligently to make the transition as smooth as possible for you and your team. As such, all new clients are assigned to dedicated personnel who work with your team and walk you through the entire transition process from beginning to end. Doing so means that there is never any confusion about where you are in the process, or what the next step is.

When it comes to implementing a new DMS, you simply can’t afford to flip a switch, carelessly jump in, and then hope for the best. Your DMS touches nearly every aspect of your business, from collections to accounting, and is too critical to your operations to take a laid back attitude with regards to implementation. That’s why we work hard to go above and beyond to not only ensure a smooth transition process, but also make sure that you understand each and every step of that process.

In today’s litigious marketplace, you simply cannot afford to make any mistakes when it comes to your documents. Indeed, the documents that your business uses have never been more important. This is especially true with regards to those that are customer-facing. That’s why we have an entire documents department to create new documents as needed, and seamlessly implement them into your software.

When you first become an AutoStar client, our Professional Services team conducts a thorough document review process, ensuring that you receive the documents you need and want. We can also create custom docs on your behalf as well as new docs that reflect changing state and federal regulations. Furthermore, all of our forms and documents are routinely reviewed for state and federal compliance by the law firm of Hudson Cook, LLP. In addition, all of your documents are updated automatically, so you never have to manually download them, or worse, worry about being in non-compliance.

If you are not a start-up, then you have existing customer, receivable, and inventory data that must be converted to your new solution before you can begin to use it. This can be one of the most tricky aspects of switching software systems, and often times can hold people back from embracing new, and perhaps better, dealership software for their business. This isn’t a problem for AutoStar clients.

Our Professional Services team has a long-standing track record of converting data from all types of dealership solutions into our system. Our data conversion experts work diligently to ensure that none of your vital information is lost during the process, and syncs properly to your new AutoStar system with no problem. We understand just how precious your existing data is, which is why we conduct an initial mock conversion. During this crucial step, we can easily spot any possible issues before they become a problem, and then address them accordingly. This is just one way out of many that our Professional Services team works on your behalf to ensure a smooth and seamless transition.


Our Professional Services team does more than ensure a smooth transition to AutoStar. We are also available for consulting services that are unrelated to your software. Whether it’s helping to untangle your financials, or finding new ways to improve your collections process, our Professional Services team is here to help you succeed any way we can. It’s just another way that AutoStar works with you and actively participate in your success.


Training & Consulting Options

You’ll be hard pressed to find another dealership software provider that offers more training and support than AutoStar. Our free AutoStar University video library showcases many step-by-step tutorials and informative guides including inventory, receivables, collections, and more. We also offer in-depth free training sessions covering all of our software solutions at AutoStar headquarters in Fort Worth, TX. For those that need more specific training or consulting services, our Professional Services team is available to visit your place of business and work directly with you and your team.

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