System Status/ PCI Compliance & PortalPay

During the last month, we switched all of our customers over to new version of PortalPay in order to maintain PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance. This move may require that you and/or your employees change your PortalPay passwords to new, stronger versions at first login. For the sake of maintaining compliance, the new password must fulfill the following criteria:

1. Password must be at least 8 characters long.
2. Password must include at least one capital letter.
3. Password must include at least one number.
4. Password must include at least one symbol.

An example of a compliant password would be: P@ssword1 (although I would not recommend using this one!).

Also, we have implemented a time-out feature. After 10 minutes of inactivity, you will be prompted with a notification stating that you have one minute to stay logged in, and will be given the option of staying connected. If you do not respond to this prompt, you will be logged out automatically and directed back to the login screen.

We have implemented this change to keep payment data for you and your customers secure. While we realize that this may be annoying to some customers, this ensures that your system is not compromised while you are away from your workstation. The PCI Security Standards Council lists some of the reasons it’s important to comply:

1. Compromised data can have a negative impact on customers, merchants, and financial institutions.
2. Even one incident can severely damage your reputation for years.
3. Data breaches can lead to significant losses to sales.
4. Noncompliance can lead to lawsuits, insurance claims, delinquencies, lost customers, and fines.
5. Compliance gives you a solid foundation for a complete corporate security strategy.

You can read more here.

Other than requiring stronger passwords and enforcing idle session timeouts, you should not notice anything different than what you are used to. If you have any questions, please contact AutoStar Client Support at 1-800-682-2215 option 3 and we will be happy to help you.

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