Technology Companies Unite to Bring Powerful Referral Source to Independent Auto Dealerships

Fort Worth, TX – April 22, 2014 – AutoStar Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise level software to independent automotive dealerships and finance companies, has announced a new alliance with SendMeAFriend, an online referral system that proactively engages a franchise’s customers and community to send sales leads directly to dealerships. This new relationship will allow AutoStar clients to bring new prospects to their dealerships and increase sales by automating the lead referral process.

“The greatest resource in any business is its customers,” said Gary Brophy, President and CEO of SendMeAFriend. “What we’re doing here, is giving independent dealerships a way to leverage their relationship with their customers to bring in new prospects that are in the market for a used vehicle.

Once the dealer completes a sale, the customer is contacted by SendMeaFriend’s call center to inform them about the referral program. Interested customers are then entered into the online system where customers are encouraged to enter information on potential prospects. The information is then sent to the dealership, and the referring customer is then compensated with an amount set by the dealer for any closed business. Throughout this process, the website keeps track of referrals, vehicles sold, and the payments made through the system.

“The referral gets a car, the person that referred them gets a check, and the dealer gets a new customer. Everybody wins,” said Gary Brophy.

Through this new joint venture, AutoStar clients will be able to feed relevant information directly to SendMeAFriend from their AutoStar dealership software.

“We are very excited to offer this solution to our clients,” said Antonio Rajan, Chief Revenue Officer of AutoStar Solutions. “Lead generation is the lifeblood of any sales driven organization, and in this regard the value of our relationship with SendMeaFriend is undeniable.”

For more information on this new collaboration, please visit or call 1-800-682-2215.


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About leverages customer referrals to automate the lead generation process for independent automotive dealerships. Using the power of web-based technology, SendMeaFriend contacts recent car buyers and asks for referrals which are then entered into their online system and communicated to the dealer. Learn more at

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