The Great Debate- How to Join the Rebel Alliance

by Samuel Bohon | Marketing Manager

By now I assume you’ve read several articles from the industry leaders telling you the benefits of attending our upcoming Innovate conference. You’ve heard how its going to make you a better leader, add value to your dealership, change the way you think, act, and feel about the industry and how, through technology, you will become a better entrepreneur. You and I know that’s a half-truth at best. In reality, you’re most likely going to learn some tidbits of information that you were probably already on the cusp of figuring out, a few key points that you agree with, and the rest will most likely be recycled nonsense that you never believed in the first place. That is, if your anything like me.

I’m an independent, in every sense of the word. I trust my instincts, I act on the best information provided to me for every decision I make, regardless of who’s personal feelings may be involved, and I stick to my guns. For that reason alone, I don’t always do well in a classroom environment where I’m find myself listening to instructors who have no real concept of what I deal with on a day-to-day basis. I’ve also had the pleasure of working in the business-to-business side of buy here pay here long enough to realize that I’m far from alone. That’s why we’re unveiling our first ever Industry Panel track at this years Innovate conference. The track has been created from the ground up for people like us, who are here to learn but also want to add to the conversation, interact, pose questions, and solve problems together. In this track, it’s far from a bad idea to speak up. In fact, it’s encouraged.

Covering broad topics and moderated by engaging and knowledgeable speakers, we’ll cover the gambit of principles behind the BHPH industry, and for the first time in our conference audience members will have the chance to debate not only the speakers, but other users as well. As an independent, one of my biggest issues with our industry isn’t a lack of motivation or entrepreneurship, but the willingness to consider that someone else could be right, to give in when every fiber of your being is telling you that they’re wrong. These panels will allow us to constructively express that. Don’t agree with a speaker in the Underwriting debate? Stand up – call them out. In an industry as complex as ours, there’s more than one way to accomplish objectives, and I’ll bet the farm that at least a handful of you have ideas that could blow down the standard best practices that you hear conference after conference, year after year. Come down to Fort Worth and bring those ideas with you. Now’s your chance.

It’s true that with every great debate, there are valid points on both sides of the aisle. That being said we have some seriously good ones to share with you at this year’s conference. Are you curious to learn some creative ways to retain your staff in this high turn over business? Do you have some well-kept secrets that keep your employees engaged day in and day out? Learn, share, and contribute in our Fire Fast, Hire Slow debate. Looking for advice on self-auditing your accounting so that you can keep the pencil pushers and CFPB at bay? We have you covered with our session: Self Auditing and Controlling to Avoid an Epic Fail. Last but not least we have Allen Dobbins, President and CEO of AutoStar joining us for a debate on a subject very close to his heart: Collections. It will be loud. It will be fun. Feathers will be ruffled, and I promise we’re all going to be better for it.

As an independent, real learning comes from real life experiences. Textbooks and handouts are nothing more than guides, and teachers are nothing more than living breathing audiobooks. At this years conference we will be harnessing the collective power of everyone in the room, attendee and panelist alike to bring forth their decades upon decades of experience on crucial industry subjects. That is an incredible knowledge base to pull from, and it’s something to truly look forward to. Even if rebelling against the status quo isn’t typically your thing, take it from a guy that’s made a career out of it, you might just learn a thing or two.

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