Using CRM Technology to Maximize the Tax Season

by Howard Leavitt | AutoRaptor CRM

It’s that time of year again, New Year’s resolutions and tax season! What better time to start new habits and processes than now? We all make resolutions with the coming of a New Year so let’s make some for tax season as well. Tax refunds and CRMs do play well if you create good habits. Take advantage and use the tool to maximize your potential.

Take the time to get involved so you can maximize your potential and your investment in CRM technology.

  1. Resolution number one is to get in the habit of collecting contact information in detail by your staff. Make this more than a good habit but also a mandatory practice that your staff must commit to.
  2. Resolution number two is to commit to using your CRM application to classify and find potential tax refund leads and clients.

You will need to understand that CRMs have many features that if repeatedly executed properly will have a tremendous impact on your business during and after tax season. Those features include gathering of personal history of the prospect and your clients. Their birthdays, anniversaries, sales financial data, and type of car they drive are all valuable pieces of information you can collect in your CRM to be used for finding more sales later.

In addition you can collect other information including your lead sources—where and how they found out about your dealership. Using that source as a way to filter the leads that fit the tax refund criteria will aid during the tax season. It will also aid in segregating only tax refund leads for prospecting. Let me provide you with a simple how-to approach for finding new prospects and existing owners that meet the tax refund requirement so you can maximize sales through the tax season.

You will need to have your administrator assign a specific source code (for example, “Tax Refund”) so that extracting those potential sales can be retrieved quickly and prospected effectively. The basic idea is that you want to be able to target the prospects for your marketing efforts to reap the benefits of using a CRM application.

Have your administrator export by range the leads that you have classified properly and create a campaign via email, snail mail and traditional phone prospecting.

In addition, dealers who have sales history imported into their CRM application have an advantage when it comes to harvesting potential sales from your CRM during tax season. When you know which clients are reaching end of term, it becomes an easy task to cull out the owners who you can resell to during the tax season. Create new up sheets on any of these owners that have used tax refunds in the past and source them like prospects as tax refund candidates. Buyers tend to purchase in the same manner when they buy the next car. Having detailed buying information that can be quickly accessed is an advantage, but you need to be active in working the CRM application. Take the time and get involved so you can maximize your potential and your investment in CRM technology.

What better time to start new habits than today and get the most out of your CRM application during the upcoming tax season? Execute these new resolutions and make your new habits bring you to excellence in the coming year!

Howard Leavitt is the founder of AutoRaptor CRM. With over 40 years of experience and with a strong reputation as one of the most accomplished retail managers on the U.S. automotive scene, he is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and leadership experience to help dealers down the path of success. He can be reached at or 888-421-6533.

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