Visual Marketing: Photographic Eye-Candy Makes a Difference!

Post Series: Visual Marketing
  • 1.Visual Marketing: Photographic Eye-Candy Makes a Difference!

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “We shop with our eyes,”or something along those lines before.  We desire to have things that look good because they make us feel good.  When we get up in the morning to start our daily routine, it’s a nice feeling when the outfit we put on looks sharp.  It gives us that little extra pick-me-up and can help turn our attitudes just enough to make a mediocre morning into a great morning.  There’s just something about the visual appeal of things that adds a different vibe.

Let’s say that you go out to dinner to a nice restaurant.  The main purpose of this outing is to feed yourself.  That’s the basic function of all dinner outings and wherever you decide to go, more than likely you’ll have that basic need fulfilled.  It may vary depending on what type of food you enjoy or where you’re currently located at the time.  But the bottom line is, when you go to a restaurant, you’re going there to get fed.  Choosing what you want to eat is an entire ritual unto it’s own.  Most of the time you will immediately gravitate towards the photos of the entrees that are show in the menu.  They showcase the restaurant’s meals in a way that is intended to stimulate your desire to choose that item.  And they work!  How many times have you chosen a meal item based on a photograph of what was in a menu rather than a written description?  Or even if you still chose another item on the menu, how often were you thinking about that other photo you saw and began to second guess yourself?  It’s a natural thing to want what looks good.

Advertisements do a great job at showing us the product or service in the best possible way that will entice its viewers to desire it.  Content that have compelling images attached to them are 90-95% more likely to be viewed than without an image or that has poor image quality. Poor image quality will more than likely deter anyone who is looking at the advertisement or at least not lend itself to be have less serious views.  Less views means fewer people will be converted from “just looking” to “buying” and that can have an impact on the product’s future.  Certainly, having lots of information and maybe even several photographs of what you’re selling will help the potential buyer be more informed, but is it really creating an emotional desire to own the product within them?

Everyone is different, and we all react differently to visual stimuli.  But if you’re more likely to initiate an emotional response with 1 or 2 fantastic images over 20 sub-par images, doesn’t it make sense to make sure you’re supplying your website with those visually stimulating images that will more than likely get your product sold?  Sometimes “functional” marketing and visual imagery just isn’t enough.  In this series of visual marketing blog entries, I’m going to go through a very simple list of things that can be done to vastly improve visual perception of potential clients viewing your inventory.  There are simple things that can be done that can give just that extra bump in the right direction that can make the difference between landing a closing sale or watching it pass you by.

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