Whether you’re selling vehicles business to business, business to consumer, or a combination of the two, our software can help you simplify the process.

Selling cars is a results-oriented business. If you’re not accurately keeping track of your vehicle costs, then you have no hope of ensuring that you make a decent profit on your transactions. Matters can get even more complicated in retail dealerships where structuring good deals and keeping track of contracts-in-transit, drafts, and floor-plans can add another layer of complexity, and make the difference between posting a profit or a loss.

That’s why our software is built to help you not only streamline and automate your operation, but also help you keep track of every single dollar invested in your vehicle inventory, as well as other vital information. Doing so allows you to not only price your vehicles appropriately and structure profitable deals, but also helps you make the crucial day-to-day decisions that effect your entire business.

In addition, our fully integrated service shop solution allows you to keep accurate records and maintain the day-to-day logistics of your repair shop activities. While you post transactions and enter data, the system automatically creates financial transactions for you in the background in debit/credit format, giving you the numbers you need to create accurate financial documents. Because our software is web-based, you can accomplish this from anywhere at any time, giving you the ultimate auto wholesale and retail dealer software solution.

Efficiency can make all the difference when it comes to running a successful and profitable independent dealership. This is especially true when you’re trying to grow your business, and need to quickly adapt to the inevitable influx of new customers, employees, vehicles, and transactions. In the current marketplace, you simply can’t afford to waste time or worse, make critical and completely avoidable mistakes.

That’s why all of our software solutions include an impressive selection of automation options designed to help you and your team save time and minimize errors. From entering vehicles, taking payments, tracking contracts-in-transit, and more, AutoStar Fusion makes it easy to manage your dealership, providing a one-stop shop for every facet of your business.

VIN decoder automatically populates all available vehicle information.
Calculates payments, late fees, state and federal taxes, and more.
Minimizes duplicate entry by automatically populating certain fields.
Document packages allow you to print all relevant documents with one click.
Provides a way to track every dollar invested in your vehicle inventory.
And more.
The ability to grow to your operation to its full potential, with no limits, is priceless. That’s what you get with AutoStar.
Switching software can be a challenging, but often necessary, process. Because of this, you need to make sure that the solution you choose has the ability to grow with your dealership and has the potential to adapt to the changing needs of your business for years to come. Doing so will ensure that you only have to experience the process once, and will set your business up for success, now and in the future.
Our Fusion DMS gives you access to all of the elements you need to build a customized and comprehensive solution for your unique business. We understand that no two dealerships are exactly alike. That’s why our system is built to be customized and expanded. The modular nature of AutoStar Fusion means that you can quickly add functionality as you need it, and only pay for the software that you are using.
Comprehensive and powerful DMS solution.
Online payment collection.
Track CIT’s, drafts, and more.
Customized, scheduled reporting.
Manage the logistics and expenses of your service shop operations.
Complete suite of integrations.

When it comes to compliance you shouldn’t have to guess, and with AutoStar Solutions you don’t have to.

Without proper precautions, legal compliance issues can become a literal Pandora’s box of potential headaches and stress for the modern independent dealer. From the creation of new rules and regulations, to the formation of new agencies like the CFPB, compliance has never been more important. While no software system available will ever protect your business from every single legal situation that can occur, we go above and beyond in this regard and take a proactive approach to protecting your business.

For example, every form and document in our system is routinely reviewed for compliance by the law firm of Hudson Cook, LLP. Furthermore, the web-based nature of our DMS software means that you never have to worry about updating your documents manually. All updates to the system and documentation are completed automatically without any involvement from your team. In addition, our personnel is trained in legal compliance issues, and actively works to update our system and documents accordingly.

PCI compliant online payment system.
Triggers in the system that warn users of non-compliant actions in certain circumstances.
In-house counsel that works to ensure our software is compliant.
Legal quality assurance personnel that routinely audits clients for compliance.
CDIA trained employees that are familiar with applicable credit reporting regulations.
Entire track of compliance training at our annual industry conference, Innovate.

The platform in which your chosen dealership software system operates can, in large part, determine the capabilities and effectiveness of the system. For example disc based client-deployed platforms typically require installation and maintenance to be conducted by the dealership personnel. Besides that, all of your data is stored locally, meaning that theft or natural disasters like fires, tornadoes or earthquakes can put you completely out of business.

Since all of our solutions are web-based, you don’t have to worry about any of those issues. With AutoStar, you can access all of your data from any computer that has access to the Internet. There is no need to invest heavily on an IT department for you to have an adequate IT infrastructure. What’s more, all your data is stored securely on our off-site data storage facility, keeping you in compliance with FTC guidelines and giving you a way to get back in business in case of theft or emergency.

24/7 access to your DMS from any computer with Internet access.
Automatic updates without the need to download anything.
Data is stored in a secure off-site data storage facility.
Multiple redundancies thoroughly protect your data.
Built-in security features limit access to certain functionality.

Managing the logistics and financials of your repair shop activities doesn’t have to be complicated. With AutoStar, you can enter an unlimited number of expenses to any vehicle in your inventory, giving a quick reality check on how much you’re spending on reconditioning and service expenses. Need more functionality? No problem. Our software is an exclusive integration with ServiceStar, a comprehensive service shop management solution.

At its core, ServiceStar gives you the ability to view all of the monetary transactions and logistic activities that occur in your repair shop. The system also gives you an easy way to create appointments, generate work orders, and invoice the customer, warranty company, or policy expense account accordingly. Integration with NAPA Tracs makes ordering parts easy, and full integration with AutoStar means that customer and vehicle information is automatically generated, and side notes can be created instantly.

Determine the true costs of repairs.
Track parts inventory and sales by location.
Create appointments and automatically generate work orders.
Manage often overlooked details of your repair shop.
Invoice to an external or internal warranty, expense account, or the customer.
And more.
Every dealership, regardless of size, must have the ability to generate accurate, reliable, and timely financial statements that properly represent the results of your business. It’s a fundamental, but sometimes overlooked aspect of the business that can really cost you in the long-term. That’s why our system is designed to automate and streamline many aspects of the overall accounting process.

Our system allows you to enjoy the power of accurate financials. Compile, view, and edit your general ledger accounting data without the need to pull multiple reports. AutoStar Fusion DMS automatically creates transactions in debit/credit format, which helps you skip tedious steps, minimize errors and save time. Furthermore, our optional AccountLink module makes it possible to automatically push your financial data from Fusion into popular third party accounting systems like Quickbooks, Peachtree, and many others.

Automatically creates detailed accounting transactions as you use the system.
System checks for out-of-balance transactions.
Automatically checks for missing or invalid GL account codes.
Review transactional data from an accounting standpoint.
Prints detailed and summary accounting reports.
Ability to push data to third party accounting systems, like QuickBooks and Peachtree.

They say that knowledge is power, and we couldn’t agree more. The most savvy business owners understand that accurate information is the key to making good, long-term decisions. While many DMS systems offer a selection of generic reports, we go further, offering a multitude of reports that cover all aspects of your business including sales, inventory, month end, customer, and state specific reports, among others.

AutoStar Fusion gives you the answers you need when you need them with over 130 reports, included in every system we sell, designed to help you make the most profitable decisions for your business. Our standard reports include static pool analysis, detailed inventory, floor, outstanding draft, purchase reports, and more. In addition, we also offer our optional Insight Reporting system, which is a cloud-based custom reporting solution that lets you create, modify, and schedule your own reports.
Access over 130 reports instantly.
Multiple scaling and scoping options help narrow down your queries.
Export raw data to multiple file formats.
Reports cover all aspects of your business.
Ability to customize, modify, and schedule reports is available.


AutoStar Fusion is the comprehensive web-based dealership software system you’ve been looking for. With a robust selection of features, Fusion lets you sell vehicles, track expenses, contracts in transit, drafts, and floor-plans, automate accounting functions, view priceless data, and so much more. Click the link below and learn how AutoStar Fusion can make your business more productive, efficient, and profitable.


Wholesale / Retail Fusion DMS Plans & Pricing

From small businesses to large, our Fusion bundles guarantee that you receive all of the functionality that you need while saving money at the same time. Whether you need specific Fusion components or all of them, our bundles provide a convenient starting place for you. Each bundle can then be further customized, allowing you to add solutions as you need them. This means that as your business grows, you can easily scale up and expand your abilities without placing any constraints on your business development and growth.

  • F&I
  • Notes Receivable
  • Side Notes
  • Multi-Company
  • RFC
  • Insight Reporting
  • CollectorPro
  • Credit Reporting
  • GL Distribution
  • F&I
  • Notes Receivable
  • Side Notes
  • Multi-Company
  • RFC
  • Insight Reporting
  • CollectorPro
  • Credit Reporting
  • GL Distribution

* Does not include setup fees, additional users, conversions or training.  Please contact us for more details.
** $99 Setup, $99 Monthly. Includes 20 deals a month.

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The modular design of Fusion allows you to combine components in a way that makes sense for your unique business, giving you the abilities you need, when you need them. Each component in Fusion stands alone as a robust and complete solution. However, when you combine these elements together, Fusion shows it’s true power as an indispensable software tool that is unmatched in power and flexibility.